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We have collected some frequently asked questions to help you know us better.

Q: How can I order ?

A : select the sign up button and enter your email id , phone no and password. Select menu such as breakfast lunch/dinner and add on cart, do the check in by choosing a payment mode .

Q: How do I check the status of my order ?

A : we will send you a delivery message as your order will be out for delivery.

Q : How can I cancel or edit my order ?

A: as we do not address cancellation but if you do not required your meal box you can donate it. There is option of donate meal in your account setting beside your order details.

Q : When can I order ?

A : We serve breakfast (8AM -11AM ) last order time is till 10 AM and LUNCH (12pm-4pm) last order time is 3PM , DINNER (7PM-10PM) last order time is 9PM.

Q: When do you serve?

A : we do serve throughout the week. You can order one hour before your meal time.

Q : Do you serve in Zirakpur ?

A: Yes, We do serve with in TRICITY, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali

Q: Is there any extra delivery cost ?

A : No, there is no extra delivery charges. Total cost of meal includes delivery charges.

Q : What is the minimum order value ?

A: There is no minimum order value.

Q: Can I pre order for weekly/monthly?

A: Yes, you can from our weekly/monthly order option.

Q: What if I need 20-50 tiffins or more ?

A: Yes, you can order maximum number of Tiffin's in bulk order query options.

Q : How can I give feedback and ask any query?

A : We are welcome you for all kind of feedback any time you can click on TALK button on APP and send us your valuable feedback and queries. You can also mail us

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